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Unbelievable: 6 years after "Kreaktiva" was finally published the new work of Jonny M in Esperanto! The fourth official album is called "Petolas" and collects songs from the time between 2017 and 2023. The newest product is available right here in the shop and everywhere, where good music is!


About the album itself: Twelve songs wait to be listened in this brand new work in wellknown rap reggae style, this time flavoured with some south american vibes. "Jonny M - Petolas" is the name of the album and the production already started way back right after the album "Kreaktiva" was ready, took all the corona seasons and is now ready right for the year 2024!

This time, besides other, sometimes very personal or ironic topics, you will find a collab with the famous Tim Gallego at "Petolas". I'll also sing for you about the necesity of vitamine D for your body and the importance of love got also covered. "Propra plaĉo" is another song which is already known and sang along during live events.

To sum it up: My third, official Esperanto album mixes some new colors in my well known style and is a must-have for every Jonny M fan!


  1. Propra plaĉo
  2. Vitamino D
  3. Verkas mi regeon
  4. Danĝeras
  5. Ĉiam mankas dormo
  6. Ie en la mondo
  7. Hej DĴ
  8. Nia familio (kun Tim Gallego)
  9. Dancu malrapide
  10. Veneno
  11. Legalizu
  12. La bambo