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2018 wrap up

This years concert season is over and i use this timeframe to wrap up this year as blog article. I had many shows and want to share with you some highlights. In the beginning of June i had the chance to sing at the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava. Slovakia is a beautiful country and the capital Bratislava is small, but i still liked it much.

We in the esperanto tricot
We in the esperanto tricot
In the summer i went to the iberian island. First, i played in Lissabon for the Esperanto football team and then at the meeting in spain i found two good friens: Tinto de verano and the swimming pool. The temperature height of over 45 celsius couldn't break the success of my show there.

In September i had my show in the frisian radion. This was broadcasted all over the frisian region of netherlands and was organized for the Esperanto week in Leeuwarden, which is by the way europe's cultural capital of 2018.

Furthermore, i added more merchandising like a new shirt and a mug with my most popular songs. This year was packed with shows and i plan to spend more time on writing new songs next year. Still i already have some show requests for next year, so stay tuned. :) A big thank you to my fans for such a successful year 2018!