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Fourteen songs about learning languages, problems of mass breading, friendship and much more. With humour, partly critical, he's showing off his positive lifestyle. Esperanto isn't a random factor for his texts. It's the language that connects cultures and people and therefore works perfectly for Jonny Ms ambition.


Good music needs to mature. In case of Jonny Ms double album "Kreaktiva", this maturing needed three years. The result shows: The waiting has been worth it!

Clean sound by producer DM Kahn, beats by DTC Records. Also you can find an instrumental of the wellknown, german reggae singer Ganjaman. Besides the music CD, included is also a DVD with videoclips and a documentary about the creation of the album. This showes a closer view on the artist's live.

Background voices by Tabea Thomaschke and G-NA, mixed by Falkonection in the colognian fairtraide studio "Körner Studio".


  1. Parolu
  2. Ni estas fortaj
  3. Bam Bam
  4. Alte kaj espere (6 La Perdita Generacio)
  5. Ribeluloj (& Dolchamar)
  6. Por mia patro
  7. Bonvenon (& JoMo)
  8. Al la liberec'
  9. Malaĉa
  10. Mankas dormo
  11. Pacigilo
  12. Verduloj
  13. Malcafilaj decidoj
  14. La bileto