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Summer, sun & sunshine

Holy moly- this years Esperanto youth meeting in Badajoz (Spain) was hot as hell. We had round about 45 celsius over the week, so most of the time we've spend in the pool and the climatized rooms. Furthermore, there were this typical program such as esperanto courses for beginners and advanced learners, poems, yoga, dance courses, Capoeira and Aikidō.

The participants of the IJK in Spain
The participants of the IJK in Spain
The first evening we drove to the city center, where we had an "International cuisine"-Festival. After serving everyone with argentinian Mate, german Gummibärchen and slovak spirits, Martin Wiese rocked the marketplace with his E-guitar. The next day we fought a water battle to cool down and translated movies were shown in the evening hours. Then followed an excursion day, where you could choose between roman monuments of the city Merido, a Waterpark and sightseeing of the portuguese border. After that, Timothy Gallego played some contemplative guitar songs. Everyone that still had energy had a reason to be happy: Since today the organizors provided a disco every night, that usually didn't end before 4am.
Jamming at the scene
Jamming at the scene
"Utopia" was the name of an interresting theatre piece, that was performed the next evening. The main actor, a sad clown was that impressive, that the children of the meeting spontaneously came on the stage to help the protagonist. The play got standing ovations. The day ended by a karaoke. The group Cira y Ulises was responsible for some spanish sound. They persuaded the people by percussion, guitar and an impressive woman's voice. The nocturnal, astronomic walk on the other hand wasn't too impressive due to a very light night sky.

The last day was packed by dance courses, discussions and workshops. The evening started with the "Internacia Vespero", where every participant could present a song, dance or other cultural work of his country for some minutes. This program were very popular, so it gone into the night. Even when my show started just about midnight, I could make the people jump and dance. Luckily, no neightbour called the police. After that, we continued dancing at the disco. Very few gone to sleep this night. Most of the people after some wistful goodbyes draged themselves into the buses and slept there for some hours. I passed one more day in Sevilla and flew back to cold old Germany.