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New album arrived!

Cover "Petolas" Many wouldn't believe it but - since this is the official website - YES it's true, a new Jonny M album was released! Twelve songs wait to be listened in this brand new … read more

IJK Online Show

Yes, one way or another the pandemic changed our lives. I'm in the happy situation that I did not loose an important person or my job. Still as artist, this hit me hard. Shows got cancelled, people … read more

...back in the studio

Yepp, it took a while until I've got news for you. Many, private things needed to be done. But now I'm back in business and working on a new album in Esperanto. I've written some new songs over the … read more

Merry Christmas!

Christmas, Jule, Winter time - No matter what you celebrate with your family, I wish you a nice celebration and a happy new year! Snow, not available this year This year I had the possibility to … read more

2018 wrap up

This years concert season is over and i use this timeframe to wrap up this year as blog article. I had many shows and want to share with you some highlights. In the beginning of June i had the chance … read more

Summer, sun & sunshine

Holy moly- this years Esperanto youth meeting in Badajoz (Spain) was hot as hell. We had round about 45 celsius over the week, so most of the time we've spend in the pool and the climatized rooms. … read more