Coming January 2017


  • 24.06.2016 Videoclip and Songcontest
    Today, a new videoclip for one of the songs of the new album, "Parolu" came along! Moreover, the third Kontakto song contest takes place...
  • 29.05.2016 Album Cover revealed
    This is, how the cover of the new work of Jonny M will look like. Additionally the name of the new esperanto album was revealed: "Kreaktiva".
  • 26.05.2016 New Lighters!
    In occasion of my birthday, coworkes gave traditionally (it happend the second time...) new Jonny M lighters for advertising!
  • 26.03.2016 Trip to Indonesia
    At the end of march, the "three lands esperanto meeting" took place in Bandung. Jonny M gave two shows: Once in the congress itself, then in the city center.

Live Shows

  • Next Show
    02.01.2017 "JES" in Waldheim at the Brahmsee
    Once again Jonny M has a show over new year's at the esperanto festival "JES". This time, it takes place in north germany. Website
  • 03.09.2016 BeNeLukse, Belgium
    This meeting is organized by Esperantists from belgium, netherlands and luxembourg. Website
  • 26.06.2016 "Litha" Festival, Fulda
    The "Litha" is a small, but nice festival in the heart of germany. Photo: SisFotu
  • 26.03.2016 Three Country-Meeting Indonesia
    Once again, Jonny M gives a show far away from home- using esperanto. He is invited as special guest to the three country meeting Australia, Indonezia, New-Zealand.